Section author: Jonathon Love


Inherits from OptionControl

A ComboBox displays the selected value from a preset list of options.


In addition to any inherited properties, a ComboBox supports:





Sets the options to be displayed in the drop-down list. This property is to be used as an override of the options property of the underlying option.

array of objects consisting of name: reference name, title: display text

Supported Option Types


When the option binding is to a List a few properties are needed for it to work.

The below example shows an option with the name ss. This option has a property called options which describes three mutually exclusive sub-options that are possible values for the options output. A List returns the name of one of these sub-options as a string.

Now a ComboBox can be used to manipulate a ‘List’ option by changing its value to the option selected in the drop-down.

Option Definition

- name: ss
  title: Sum of squares
  type: List
    - title: Type 1
      name: '1'
    - title: Type 2
      name: '2'
    - title: Type 3
      name: '3'
  default: '3'
      R: >
        `'1'`, `'2'` or `'3'` (default), the sum of squares
        to use

A ComboBox can completely encapsulate a List option which makes its definition very simple. The control will use the options title as a label and options as the contents for the drop-down. label and options can be defined in the control definition if it is required to override the values of the option.

UI Control Definition

- type: ComboBox
  name: ss