Section author: Jonathon Love

Syntax Mode

jamovi also provides an “R Syntax Mode”, in this mode, jamovi produces equivalent R code for each analysis. To change to syntax mode, select the application menu (⋮) at the top right of jamovi, and check the Syntax mode checkbox there. It is possible to leave syntax mode by clicking this a second time.

In syntax mode, analyses continue to operate as before, but now they produce R syntax, and “ASCII output” like an R session. Like all results objects in jamovi, you can right click on these items (including the R syntax) and copy and paste them, for example, into an R session.

At present, the provided R syntax does not include the data import step, and this must be performed manually. There are many resources explaining how to import data into R, and we recommend you take a look at these (Most analyses in jamovi require data as a data frame).

Another R feature that may be of interest is the Rj Editor, which allows you to use R code to analyse data directly in jamovi.